Kaleidoscope The Musical

Jim with the South African Champions of Generosity
Jim with the South African Champions of Generosity

A kaleidoscope could look different every time you look through it. One way at first, but then another deeper story under the surface.


This is an idea explored in the Australian Catholic University's upcoming play, Kaleidoscope The Musical.  


The Waterjars' very own Natalia will sing and dance in the play! 


The cast is made up of uni students and staffs of different backgrounds, ages and heritages. They have all come together to write and perform a story of social justice which is close to their hearts: refugees and suffragettes, teen pregnancy, LGBTQ relations.


Kaleidoscope premiers on Friday 1 June 2018 at noon and 6 pm at Cathedral Hall, ACU, 20 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Complimentary tickets are available, please get in touch with Natalia!