To Our Friends In Palu

In the work The Waterjars does we have the privilege of working with many great people and communities. On 28 September 2018 the people of Palu, Central Sulawesi, were impacted by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami which have devastated the island.


The Waterjars and Entrust Foundation have been working closely with the people of Mbuwu, a small village one and a half hours outside of Palu. Through our work we have come to count the community of Mbuwu as our friends and the tragedy has hit us deeply.


All the people of Palu are in our prayers. We ask God to continue protecting survivors and to show His mercy as relief efforts are made to find those still trapped in the mud and wreckage.


To our friends who have been affected by this tragedy, we are with you and we are thinking of you. The challenge you are facing will not go on forever. You will see tomorrow. Take care of each other and know that God is with you.

We stand with the people of Palu during this difficult time as they recover from this natural disaster. There is a great need for basic necessities such as clean water, food, shelter and medical supplies for the injured.


Thank you to our friends at Entrust Foundation who are running an emergency relief campaign to support communities in need. To donate click here