Get to know us



Jim is one of the co-founders of The Waterjars. He is a businessman with three grown up children. Currently he is a board member of Alpha Indonesia. He is often travelling overseas to visit Waterjars projects and see how they are progressing. His passions are playing golf and talking to Uber drivers. 



Natalia co-founded The Waterjars whilst working as a cost analyst in property. She has a commerce degree specialising in accounting and finance with a specific interest for community development projects. Natalia has just completed her theology degree with a plan to pursuit further studies into philanthropy and nonprofit service.



Claire is responsible for designing, writing and uploading stories to the website. She's got a wicked fashion sense. Though she is the youngest member of the team, her maturity brings out the best of her creative work. She is considerate and courageous in her endeavours and always starts the day with a great pair of shoes.



Thandi is a writer for The Waterjars. She is a Jill of all trades in the communication industry. She's worked in broadcast media, tertiary education and as a youth minister. Her passions are buying books she doesn't always read, listening to good music and drinking as much tea as possible. One day she hopes to write a best-seller and take her parents to Israel.



Henny is a supermum of two beautiful kids and a loving husband. She completed her theology education, worked as a pastor and  a lecturer on homiletic in a seminary. She has a passion in helping the community: especially in the field of water and sanitation. You would often find her serving the sick in the community, praying and comforting them.



Jess is the newest addition to The Waterjars team. She is responsible in maintaining the website as well as managing internal data. She is an aspiring soon-to-be nurse with a real heart for people, as shown by her many commitments in charity works. She loves dancing, reading, learning new language, and anything to do with self-developments.