Gerasa Part 1: Coffee

One of the organizations we work with and have visited earlier this year is Gerasa. Gerasa is an organization involved in the rehabilitation of drug abusers and victims of human trafficking as well as raising awareness around them.


Their three main objectives are prevention, recovery and empowerment. They teach awareness around abuse and trafficking in order to improve understanding and help prevent people from falling into troubling situations. They also work with victims of drug abuse and human trafficking and help them recover through a support system while also empowering them to get back on track.


Gerasa has also created a peer educator system meaning people who have already received help can in return help others and give an understanding no one else can, making it a safer and more comfortable environment for someone to speak in. Gerasa also owns a café attached to their office in which people who have previously come to Gerasa for help can work. As it opens at night it allows people to hang out casually and it creates a safe atmosphere in which to talk. Meeting here over coffee means it is a less intimidating environment making it easier to ease people into positive change