Tribute To Oma

 Today we live as though we will live forever. Each day, we wake up and face the challenges of that day. We sit in tough meetings and struggle through difficult situations. We move through the hours of the day until we find ourselves in bed about to do it all again. In my younger years I would stay up for as long as I could to see if tomorrow would still come. And it always did.


We’re thrilled by stories of heroes and villains pursuing immortality. While the stories themselves are great there’s also a real, sometimes invisible desire.


Advertising floods us with ways to look younger. Life coaches convince us of ways to think ourselves to a long life. Newer, fresher diet plans are thrown in our faces so we can eat ourselves to a hundred years plus. To be honest, we put too much pressure on ourselves. This has never been God’s plan for us. His will is for us to lead fulfilled lives, serving one another and discovering who He made us to be. We get caught up in how we can live longer that we forget to pause and just live.


More often than not this is easier said than done. Life for most of us isn’t about hunting and gathering for the community anymore. Life is fast and it’s hard. This makes it even more important that we find even three minutes to sit in silence with ourselves and with God and just remind ourselves that we are a miracle. Being alive isn’t always easy. We’re simply thrown into it as babies and we’re expected to make the most of it.


But again, we put too much pressure on ourselves. If we can simply be who we were made to be there’s no guarantee that life will be easy. We’re not going to slide from success to success, from one mansion to another. But maybe if we stopped fighting life so much, one day we could embrace death with a quiet acceptance. Paul in his letter to the Philippians writes “For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21). We know his life was radically changed when he first encountered Christ. He was imprisoned, shipwrecked and in the end, Church history tell us that he was beheaded for his faith. And he faced his own internal struggles but he knew who he was living for, and that was what set the tone for each day he lived.


We never know when death will come but having hope in something more than this world should always give us confidence. Our greatest freedom comes when we are together with God in His kingdom. So in our lives let us find Christ, and in death let us share in the glory of God.




Dear Mami 


How is it that I never saw your wings

when you were here with me?

When you closed your eyes and soared to Heaven

I could hear the faint flutter of your wings as you left

Your body is no longer on this side

although your spirit is here eternally


I close my eyes and see your wings

surround me in my saddest and happiest moments

My Mother my angel,

God has given you an assignment

to always be my mother and forever my angel

You fly into my dreams

When I am asleep

I feel your wings brush against my face

wiping away the tears I shed

since I can no longer hold you in my arms

but in my heart

You earned those wings dear mother

and you will always be my angel forever